Our Story

Chairman's Message

We are a Sri Lanka based Oils and Fats manufacturing Company catering with our Innovative products, such as Edible Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Margarine & Specialty Fats to the Global markets. A journey towards excellence was focused on the technology and now we have discovered Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is now recognized as a Miracle natural product with medicinal value to support illnesses such as Alzheimer & Dementia.

This Oil is now been used in the western world as a food supplement through global awareness created by researches carried out by Scientist and Professors. Therefore, the value of this Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has now realized and it is used in all over the world .
The Nutrition and Health Benefits of our products are guaranteed through our quality procedures and International Certifications. The professionally trained staff is dedicated to consistency & quality of our products which benefits all stakeholders with value creation.
Our assurance is to delight our customers and stakeholders with the quality and will strive for continuous growth and build world class products by right choice. The Company’s Research and Development with its extensive testing further improves the quality of our products which leads our valued customers and consumers to healthy living conditions.
I wish to emphasise, “ No compromise on Marina products safety, quality, value for Money – the cornerstones of creating long term customer and consumer relationships”. We are indeed thankful for your interest in NMK Holdings, and encourage you to explore our Products through our Web site. Please use the Contact us button on our Home Page to pass any comments, questions or feedback that you may have to clarify. 
Our Vision

"Our vision is to nurture a happy, healthy and sustainable planet, making superfoods accessible to all."

Our Mission

"Our mission is to deliver high quality, organically prepared food products through responsible agriculture, straight from the tree to your table."