Fighting the Myth

Early in NMK’s history, there was a pervasive myth being spread that coconut and coconut products ere bad for you. People believed that coconut was bad for your heart and created an unhealthy rise in cholesterol. But Mr. Manjula Narayana knew that for generations, people in Sri Lanka have been using different forms of coconut in their food and had suffered no ill effects. In fact, they were much healthier than people are now. So he rallied the support of the Asia Pacific Coconut Community in 1988 and raised funds to have research conducted in the United States on coconuts and their effects on health. This resulted in several ground breaking research papers confirming the benefits of coconuts and marking it as a superfood.

Mr. Manjula has continued to provide the Asia Pacific Coconut Community with several research papers proving the health benefits of coconuts. The research was conducted through several top tier Sri Lankan universities and has provided immense support for the positioning of coconuts as a superfood.
Coconut oil is bad ; It raises serum cholesterol.
Coconut eating people like the Polynesians and the Bicolands of the Philippines have low serum cholesterol and few coronary heart disease.
Coconut oil is like other vegetable oils.
No. Coconut oil is medium chain fatty acids. Corn and Soyabean oils contain mostly long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Vegetable oils are rich in cholesterol just like animal fats and dairy products
Animal fats are rich in cholesterol, vegetable oils contain insufficient amount of cholesterol.