Marina Cooking Oil

Marina Cooking Oil is an Edible Vegetable Oil manufactured from physically refined Palm Olein which is derived from palm fruit. Marina Cooking Oil is an extremely stable, cost effective deep-frying oil that lasts longer in your fryer, improving end-product yields. The high-quality cooking oil contains a rich natural source of the palm fruit, which is hygienically processed and packed under stringent international quality control standards to retain freshness and quality always.

Product Features

  • High temperature Stability
  • Saturated protected
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Does not go through any chemical refining process
  • 100% Trans free process
  • 100% GMO free



  • Marina Cooking Oil is typically used as frying oil both for industrial and home use.
  • Also used for deep frying, shallow frying and spraying.
  • It can be used as components in margarine, ghee blend, or for other applications where liquid oil is required.